Emerging Artists 2018 – Jaci Ignudo

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Jaci Ignudo Wichita State University Student Jaci Ignudo is a Graphic Design major at Wichita State University in her junior year. Her work is illustrative and she has most recently been working with characters and custom type, as posters, stickers … Read More

Emerging Artists 2018 – Angela Rangel

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Angela Rangel Wichita State University Student Angela Rangel is an undergraduate at Wichita State University pursuing her BFA with an emphasis in Ceramics. Her current work focuses on deterioration, using the process of slip transfers. This allows her to give … Read More

Emerging Artists 2018 – Alex Moore

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Alex Moore Wichita State University Student Alex Moore is a senior Painting Major at Wichita State University. He focuses on conceptual landscapes in his work, using them to represent the sublime, abject & uncanny. He draws inspiration from Hudson River … Read More

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